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Adam Hug

Policy Director

Adam Hug joined the Foreign Policy Centre as Policy Director in June 2008. He oversees the FPC's work on the EU, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. His personal research focus is on the promotion of human rights, political and institutional reform in the Caucasus & Central Asia, Turkey, Israel/Palestine and Iran. He also explores European Union foreign and neighbourhood policy, areas for EU reform and Britain's relationship with Europe.

Before joining the FPC, Adam was Policy and Campaigns Manager at the Fostering Network. His previous roles include working as a consultant specialising in EU consumer issues and supporting Israeli and Palestinian trade unions and civil society groups. He has an MSc in Development Studies with special reference to Central Asia from SOAS and an MA(Hons) in Geography from the University of Edinburgh.

Adam's contributions to the FPC Blog include: Time for Turkish political renewal and No more 'internal issues'.

Email: adam.hug[at]

Twitter: @adamhug

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