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The China Model — The Chinese Way in World Politics

October 2007

In October, The Foreign Policy Centre and the All Party Parliamentary China Group presented a seminar on The China Model-the Chinese Way in World Politics. The speaker at this event was Professor Pan Wei from Peking University.

Following the success of this event and the high number of enquires received, a transcript of Professor Wei's speech can now be found on our website by accessing the link below.

About the Event

From the "Beijing Consensus" to the "China Model". Three years ago, the Foreign Policy Centre published one of its most influential pamphlets—The Beijing Consensus by Joshua Ramo. Professor Pan Wei of Peking University presented at the FPC a Chinese view of what a China model in world politics might be in the future. It is based on a research project he has just completed with other Chinese scholars. And it is the first time the research findings are presented outside China. Professor Pan spoke about how a superpower China will likely behave in foreign policy and domestic politics and what that may mean for the world.

About The Speaker

Professor Pan Wei obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley. He is one of China's most original and influential thinkers on Chinese politics and foreign policy. His works on "consultative democracy"—the idea that China can have a distinctive form of democracy different from the Western liberal one—has attracted increased attention at home and abroad. His researches on China's rural reform and social values have also been influential. Most recently he has been collaborating with Hong Kong scholars on the "China model" to examine what a superpower China might look like.

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Download The Chinese Model of Development (40 kilobyte PDF)