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FPC hosts Zheng Bijian, leading Chinese policy strategist

Zheng Bijian

Between 14th and 16th December, the Foreign Policy Centre hosted the visit of Mr Zheng Bijian, Chairman of the China Reform Forum and Mr Li Junru, Vice President of the Central Party School, for a programme of meetings with leading UK politicians, officials, business people, journalists and thinkers. Sessions included a speech, held with the 48 Group in association with the Centre for European Reform and Standard Chartered, on 'China's peaceful rise', meetings with the Deputy Prime Minister, senior Downing Street, Treasury and FCO officials, the Shadow Foreign Secretary and the Lord Mayor, and a special hearing of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Zheng Bijian is the former Executive Vice-President of the Central Party School of the CPC, the thinker behind 'China's peaceful rise' theory and a close associate of President Hu Jintao.

Download Zheng Bijian Speech, 'Ten Points of View' (120 kilobyte PDF)