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DW: Opening shots fired in UK for EU referendum debate
Adam Hug is quoted on the UK political impact of Cameron and Tusk's EU renegotation deal
DW: Money on the agenda as Modi visits the UK
Dr Chris Ogden comments on Indian Prime Minister Modi's visit to London
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Adam Hug discusses international news stories in the newspaper review
Radio 4: Today Programme
Ziya Meral discusses the result of the June 2015 Turkish Parliamentary elections (at 6.55am)
Sky News: G7 Summit in Germany
Adam Hug discusses the key international challenges being discussed at the June 2015 G7 summit in Bavaria
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Adam Hug discusses international news stories in the newspaper review
Al Jazeera English: Inside Story
Research Associate Simon Mabon comments on the Foreign Policy implications of the 2015 UK General Election result
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Adam Hug discusses international news stories in the newspaper review
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Adam Hug discusses international news stories in the newspaper review
The Financial: The future of the EU's Eastern Partnership in the South Caucasus
Adam Hug's Op-Ed for Georgian newspaper The Financial on EU Eastern Partnership and the South Caucasus
DW: UK military trainers set to head for Ukraine
Adam Hug comments on the UK decision to send military trainers to Ukraine
Voice of America: Russia Pressures Anti-Corruption Group
Research Associate Catherine Owen comments on the pressures NGOs in Russia are facing
E! Sharp: A difficult future for the EU's Eastern Partnership
Adam Hug's Op-Ed for Brussels based EU news site E! Sharp on the future of the EU's Eastern Partnership
Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty: Eastern Partnership Paradox
An interview (in Romanian) by Adam Hug with RFE/RL's Moldovan service about the EU's Eastern Partnership
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Adam Hug discusses international news stories in the newspaper review
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Adam Hug discusses internationl news stories in the newspaper review
Al Jazeera English: Kobane is a gift to Assad
FPC Research Associate James Denselow on the situation in Kobane and the risk of empowering Assad
Eco Business: Stuck in the slow lane but UN climate talks still matter
FPC Research Associate Stephen Minas discusses the prospects for the Paris 2015 climate talks
Monocle 24: The Globalist
Policy Director Adam Hug reviews international news stories
Sunday Times: Turkey supports Isis. How can we flee there?
FPC Research Associate Ziya Meral speaks about Turkey's response to Isis
BBC News: Refugee influx into Turkey
Research Associate Ziya Meral speaks to BBC News and BBC World about Turkey's refugee crisis and the impact of ISIS
Al Jazeera English: The Kurdish kingmakers
Research Associate James Denselow writes about the tensions between the Kurds and the government in Baghdad
Iran Wire: A Moment of Reckoning, or Just Another Day at the Podium?
Senior Research Associate Tahirih Danesh gives her views on President Rouhani's 2014 address to the UN
Al Jazeera English: Release of Turkish captives by ISIL
Research Associate Ziya Meral addresses the release of Turkish hostages in Mosul by ISIS
Open Democracy: Iranian Justice
Iran Human Rights Review: Justice co-editor Hadi Enayat writing about its key findings
Al Jazeera English: Obama-Can his plan save the Levant?
FPC Research Associate James Denselow gives his views on President Obama's strategy in Iraq and Syria
France 24: Political leadership change in Turkey
Research Associate Ziya Meral assesses Ergodan transition from being Turkey's Prime Minister to the Presidency
City AM: As geopolitical conflicts worsen, has the world become permanently less stable?
FPC Research Associate Simon Mabon argues in CIty AM that the world in becoming increasingly more unstable
Daily Telegraph: What did William Hague do for Britain's foreign policy?
FPC Research Associate James Denselow comments on William Hague's legacy at the Foreign Office
VOA: Islamic Militants Seize Mosul From Iraq Government Forces
FPC Research Associate James Denselow comments on the situation in Northern Iraq
VG: More Norwegians on Terror Lists
FPC Research Associate Andrew Southam comments on international terrorism lists (in Norwegian)
Jackson Sun: Assad may have won the civil war
FPC Research Associate James Denselow is quoted about the Syrian regime's victory in Homs
City AM: Should the West cooperate with Iran to defeat ISIS in Iraq?
FPC Research Associate Simon Mabon argues in City AM for strategic cooperation with Iran to tackle ISIS
The Guardian: UK forges close cyber ties with China despite 'endemic espionage'
FPC Senior Research Associate Dr Chris Ogden comments on UK-China relations
Al Jazeera English: Syria elections 2014 : will it affect the conflict?
FPC Research Associate James Denselow comments on the 2014 Syrian elections
Monocle 24: The Globalist
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug reviews the newspapers
Huffington Post: Miliband, Cameron and the Chances of EU Treaty Change
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug examines the chances of EU treaty change in the near future
Monocle 24: The Globalist
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug reviews the newspapers
Sky News: Is the UK still a great power?
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug spoke on Sky News about Britain's role in the world and its international influence
Monocle 24: The Globalist
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug reviews the newspapers
BBC Parliament: Renegotiation, Reform and Referendum London Conference-Political Panel
Coverage of a panel discussion with Gareth Thomas MP, Andrea Leadsom MP, Baroness Falkner, Tim Congdon and John Peet
Monocle 24: The Globalist
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug reviews the newspapers
Progress Online: Tackling Iran's culture of violence
FPC Senior Research Associate Tahirih Danesh writes about the findings of the Iran Human Rights Review: Violence
Open Democracy: On Iran's culture of violence: an introduction to a special edition of the Iran Human Rights Review
Senior Research Associate Tahirih Danesh and co-editor Shadi Sadr introduce the FPC's Iran Human Rights Review:Violence
OYE! Times: Iran Human Rights Review- Payam Akhavan
An op-ed based on Payam Akhavan's introduction to the Iran Human Rights Review: Violence
Noveen TV: Interview with Tahirih Danesh
FPC Senior Research Associate Tahirih Danesh talks about the Iran Human Rights Review project (in Farsi)
Gooya News: Violence is the new axis of power in the Islamic Republic
Report covers the launch of the Iran Human Rights Review: Violence (In Farsi)
Kayhan London: Iran Human Rights Review launch
Article covers the launch of the Iran Human Rights Review: Violence (in Farsi)
Tribune Zamaneh: Human Rights Report- Violence is the Islamic Republic's dominant central axis
Coverage of the launch of the Iran Human Rights Review Violence (in Farsi)
Total Politics: Difficult Road to Damascus
MSN News 'Putin wins the PR battle, but Russia's victory may be short-lived'
FPC Senior Research Associate Jason Ralph looks at recent Russian and US diplomatic tensions over Syria
Irish Times: Al-Qaeda's Iraqi jailbreak may have Syrian consequences
FPC Research Associate James Denselow is quoted in this article
City AM: As Syria gives ground over chemical weapons, can diplomacy help resolve the wider crisis? No
FPC Research Associate Ziya Meral argues that a limited military strike is still needed in Syria
The House Magazine: Guide to the Foreign Office
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug writes about the development of the FCO under the coalition Government
Washington Post: Syrian Kurd's struggle for autonomy threatens rebel effort to oust Assad
FPC Research Associate James Denselow is quoted in the article
Voice of Russia: Who Needs Aid?
FPC Senior Research Associate William Gumede discusses attitudes to aid
Monocle 24: The Globalist (403)- Wednesday 15th May 2013
Adam Hug reviews the papers on Monocle 24 Radio
Christian Science Monitor: UK tallies the costs of an independent Scotland
Adam Hug is quoted on impact of the Scottish independence debate on the rest of the UK and EU
Premium Times: Chinua Achebe's literary legacy
Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u refers to the FPC event- There was a Country: Reflections from the Nigerian Diaspora
Public Service Europe: The EEAS needs cooperation from member states
Adam Hug writes about his contribution to the Europe in the World: Can EU foreign policy make an impact? publication
Bloomberg: Closing Arms Tunnels Crucial to Ending Israel-Hamas War
Adam Hug sets out the importance of closing Gaza's tunnels for security while also relieving the humanitarian situation
City AM: As the conflict in Israel and Gaza continues, can the situation be effectively contained?
Adam Hug sets out measures to break the long-term deadlock in Gaza
Daily Telegraph: David Cameron's foreign policy 'has never been more important'
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug is interviewed as part of a video package about the PM's foreign policy
Financial Times: Britons back spending on military
Carola Hoyos discusses the findings of University of Essex research launched by the FPC in September 2012
LSE EUROPP: Recent developments in the EU single market suggest an increasing hostility towards labour market regulation
Dr Anneliese Dodds writes about key issues raised at FPC, TUC & EU Commission UK Rep 'Single Market, Equal Rights?'event
Guardian: A striking image for the Olympics
FPC Senior Research Associate Philip Fiske de Gouveia letter addressing the image of the Olympics and the risk of strike
BBC News Channel: What can be done for Syria next?
FPC Research Associate Ziya Meral speaks on the crisis in Syria
Reuters: Expelled Iran diplomats leave Britain
FPC Policy Director Adam Hug is quoted on the diplomatic impact
BBC Radio 4: Last Word
FPC Senior Research Associate Onyekachi Wambu gives his thoughts on the passing of former Biafran leader Emeka Ojukwu
Public Service Europe: Turkey - the Kurdish problem and declining press freedom
FPC Senior Research Associate Firdevs Robinson writes about some of Turkey's main human rights challenges
Public Service Europe: UK must push for an 'outward facing' Europe
Douglas Alexander sets out his vision for EU Foreign Policy to the FPC
Business Live: Gumede rocks conventional boats
Article about FPC Senior Associate William Gumede's recent speech to the South African Institute of Directors
Democracy Digest: Liberation technology's risks and potential for Iran's Green movement
Dem Digest's Michael Allen looks at the findings of the FPC's Iran Human Rights Review: Access to Information
Total Politics: Refocusing the Foreign Office
FPC Senior Research Associate Gerard Russell looks at the challenges facing the FCO
Public Service Europe: Europe must change its attitude in the Middle East
Ziya Meral says that the EU must change if it is to be a stabilising and influential force in the Middle East
Turkish Daily News UK think tank blasts Armenia on pace of reforms
Report on the launch of FPC's Spotlight on Armenia
A1+ "Governing party's policy does not inspire confidence"
A review of the findings of FPC publication Spotlight on Armenia
ABC News: Egypt, Obama, Bush and the 'freedom agenda'
Stephen Minas writing for Australia's ABC News on US Middle East Policy
The Diplomat: Living in a Despot's Walled Garden
Stephen Minas on what events in Egypt mean for North Korea's internet
Channel 4 Website: Israel: The model for the future of Egypt?
Ziyal Meral gives his take on the future shape of the Egyptian state
BBC World News Tonight: FPC Research Associate Ziya Meral talks about Egypt
Ziya Meral's contribution starts at 25mins of broadcast
Yorkshire Post: Egyptians caught between pull of the West and Islamists
Alex Bigham article on Egypt
Today's Zaman: The issue of "Turkish" and "Türkiyeli" (Turkey National; from Turkey)
Baskin Oran's article for the FPC about national identity in Turkey
The Jerusalem Post: Full and equal?
Adam Hug's Op-Ed about the FPC's Full and Equal Citizens? How to deliver equality for Israel's Arab community report
eGov Monitor: Water Scarcity And Its Impact on Foreign Policy
FPC report featured in article on eGov Monitor
New Africa Analysis: AfDB on Economics and Development
Coverage of FPC event with Dr Donald Kaberuka, President, AfDB
Reuters: More transparency for Africa, please
Carolyn Cohn notes calls for a UK Cardin-Lugar amendment at the FPC's Africa: The next frontier for a new global age?
Deutsche Welle: Brazil's presidential result revives concerns over nuclear ambitions
FPC Senior Research Associate Thiago de Aragao comments on Brazilian Presidential elections
The Guardian: Responsibility to the poor: a matter of justice, not charity
Douglas Alexander's FPC publication featured in The Guardian
Western Mail: Electoral system in Wales should become model for the European Parliament, says think-tank
Adam Hug quoted on the launch of the FPC's Reconnecting the European Parliament and its People
Today's Zaman: Brand new constitution a must for Turkey's EU membership
Adam Hug commenting on Turkey's Constitutional Referendum
The Independent - Winners and losers: The legacy of the 2010 World Cup
Josephine Osikena commenting on the legacy of the World cup for South Africa's poorest
Today's Zaman: Analysts say tepid response from the West pushed Turkey away
Adam Hug commenting on Turkey's role in the world following US remarks - Hug: Evolution not revolution
Adam Hug commenting on William Hague's first major speech as Foreign Secretary
Sustainable Security: Tackling the World Water Crisis
Sustainable Security highlight new FPC report
Reuters Alert Net: Linking water, conflict and peace
Dan Smith, General Secretary of International Alert on his contribution to the FPC's 'Tackling the World Water Crisis'
Turkish Daily News: Against fatalism
Joost Lagendijlk on the debate he participated in at the FPC's Turkey 2020 Conference
Turkish Daily News: Reform in Turkish economy left in the cold, analysts say
Coverage of the first session of the FPC Turkey2020 Conference in Istanbul
Civil Georgia: Less Tensions, More Substance In Run Up To Georgia Elections
EUSR Peter Semneby is asked about his Spotlight on Georgia article
The Independent
Mustafa Sarigül: Liberal democracy can ensure that Turkey's best days lie ahead
BBC Newsnight
FPC Senior Research Associate Alex Pardal discusses the impact of possible withdrawal from the European Defence Agency
UPI Asia
Adam Hug quoted on Kazakh Oil and Gas deals with Western Companies
Thomson Reuters Article on FPC Meeting with Akbar Ganji (via
Reuters Akbar Ganji article
Radio Free Europe Radio Free Liberty
RFL note Georgian Government's adoption of recommendation from FPC's 'Spotlight on Georgia' pamphlet
Michael Green on FPC/Coke Event at Labour Conference on private sector and development
CNBC Europe - Squawk Box
Adam Hug commenting on Ahmadinejad's address to the UN Assembly
The Independent
FPC Co-President Charles Kennedy's comments on the Conservatives and Europe at an FPC fringe - Lib Dem Conference 09
The Independent
FPC Co-President Charles Kennedy's comments on the Conservatives and Europe at an FPC fringe - Lib Dem Conference 09
The Guardian
FPC Co-President Charles Kennedy's comments on the Conservatives and Europe at an FPC fringe - Lib Dem Conference 09
The Press Association
FPC Co-President Charles Kennedy MP: Tory EU stance 'rules out alliance'
The Southport Visiter
FPC Co-President Charles Kennedy's comments on the Conservatives and Europe at an FPC fringe - Lib Dem Conference 09
Channel 4 - News at Noon
Adam Hug commenting on Ahmadinejad's inauguration
BBC World Service - Europe Today
Adam Hug commenting on Georgia
Civil Georgia
Group of Georgian Journalists Address U.S. Vice President, 22nd July 2009
A crisis is too good to waste
Josephine Osikena, This is Africa - The Financial Times, June 2009
British Satellite News
Interviews about child executions in Iran, 30 June 2009
The Sunday Express
Iranian children facing gallows, 28 June 2009
Trend News: Future Iran-Europe relations possible only after certain terms observed: experts
Adam Hug quoted, 29 June 2009
Time Magazine: Has Britain Replaced the US As Iran's 'Little Satan'?
Adam Hug, 25 June 2009
3 News: Tit-for-tat expulsions trouble UK, Iran ties
Adam Hug, 24 June 2009
The Guardian - The Katine Chronicles Blog
Foreign Policy Centre report cited, 8 May 2009
BBC World Service - Focus on Africa
Josephine Osikena internviewed, 5 May 2009
ARY Television (Pakistan) - Focus with Faeza
Anna Owen interviewed, 11 February 2009
Brown buhlt um speziellen Freund Obama
Adam Hug, Der Spiegel, 17 January 2009
For Which It Stands: Africa
Josephine Osikena, GlobalPost, 9 January 2009
Pressing need for a Middle East peace solution
Adam Hug, Wales Online, 6 January 2009
Obama faces the toughest challenges since Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Adam Hug , Public Servant , November 2008
The Big Question: Who are the Elders, and can they do anything to resolve world crises?
Josephine Osikena, quoted in The Independent, Tuesday 25th November 2008
Turkey, Europe's future
Adam Hug, The Guardian, Comment is Free, Monday 10th November 2008
Making a case for Turkey's EU bid
Hurriyet Daily, Monday 10th November 2008
UK politicians united behind Turkey accession
In the, Wednesday 5ht November 2008
UK politicians united behind Turkey accession
Turkish Digest, Wednesday 5th November 2008
US and Russia to talk missiles by year end
Adam Hug on CNBC, Monday 10th November 2008
Adam Hug interviewed on Radio Farda
Adam Hug, Radio Farda, June 2008
Where to take the nuclear family
Alex Bigham, The Spectator, 24th June 2006
UN reform - Less is More
Alex Bigham, The Guardian Comment is Free, 20th June 2006
Good News Is No News
Newsweek, 19th June 2006
Shanghai grouping moves centre stage
BBC News Online, Andrew Small, 14th June 2006
Zarqawi's death 'very important' in Iraq's insurgency war - Blair
Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran), 8th June 2006
Analysis: Security and the energy end game
Monsters and Critics News, 5th June 2006
Oil and Politics Clash in Nigeria
Voice of America, 2nd June 2006
World powers agree on Iran nuclear package
Monsters and Critics News, 2nd June 2006
Rice calls Iran's bluff
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian, 1st June 2006
US talks offer with Iran widely welcomed in UK
Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran), 1st June 2006
US offer spurs Iran nuclear deal
Reuters, 1st June 2006
US powers aim to seal Iran package after US offer
Reuters, 1st June 2006
Going face to face
Alex Bigham, The Guardian, 1st June 2006
U.S. Plan to Limit Iran's Finances May Stoke Discord
Bloomberg, 31st May 2006
EU3 Acknowledges Security Guarantees as Key to Resolving Iran's Nuke Crisis
Fars News Agency (Iran), Friday, 21st May 2006
More than language divides the union
Sarah Schaefer, The First Post, 19th May 2006
EU Proposal to Provide Iran with Security Guarantees
Fars News Agency (Iran), Thursday, 18th May 2006
Nazi science is no way to react to the problem of drug abuse in Scotland
Sunday Herald (Scotland), 14th May 2006
Commission re-opens constitution wound
BBC News, Wednesday, 10th May 2006
Why Tehran ignores the UN resolution
The Daily Star (Bangladesh), Wednesday, 10th May 2006
Special Report: Only spies can stop the chaos
Hugh Barnes, New Statesman, Monday, 8th May 2006
Bush Administration: A Flawed Asia Strategy
Andrew Small, Asian Affairs, April 2006
Iranian confrontation fuelled by memories of humiliation
Sydney Morning Herald, 29th April 2006
China unbending on Iran
Reuters, 27th April 2006
A little silence, please
Khaleej Times (Dubai), 27th April 2006
"New Europe" Goes Global
Voice of America, 24th April 2006
Jumping the gun
Financial Times, 24th April 2006
Eastern Promise
Sarah Schaefer, The Parliamentary Monitor, 21st April 2006 (requires subscription)
Iran's enemy lies within
The Guardian, 20th April 2006
Blair and Straw at odds over US action in Iran
The Independent, 20th April 2006
British Report Analyzes West's Failure in Dealing with Iran's Nuclear Program
Asharq Alawsat , 20th April 2006
Children are the future - not cows
Sarah Schaefer, The First Post, 18th April 2006
Report: Blair will not back Iran strike
The Christian Science Monitor, 18th April 2006
Drumbeat of war is drowning out wiser counsels
Hugh Barnes, The Observer, 16th April 2006
So how close is a showdown over Iran?
The Observer, 16th April 2006
Quagmire and crisis
Scotland on Sunday, 16th April 2006
Blair refuses to back Iran strike
Scotland on Sunday, 16th April 2006
Blair Reportedly Won't Back U.S. Iran Strike
The Moderate Voice, 16th April 2006
Britain Won`t Back Military Strike in Iran
Monsters & Critics News, 15th April 2006
Poll seen as turning point for coup-prone Comoros
Reuters, 13th April 2006
If ever there was a nation not to drive to extremes, it is Iran
The Guardian, Wednesday 12th April 2006
Prodi declares victory by knife-edge
The Herald (Glasgow), 12th April 2006
Let's calm down. Messianic Bush isn't about to rain down nukes on Iran
David Aaronovitch, The Times, 11th April 2006
The 'al-Jazeera effect' and Arab democracy
The Middle East Times, Wednesday 12th April 2006
Italian elections: Foreign Policy Centre: Blair cool-off with Prodi, Tuesday 11th April 2006
Democracy & Stability in the Middle East
The Post Chronicle, 5th April 2006
The Feeble Helping the Unspeakable
The Times, 5th April 2006
No place for benign inactivity says Blair
The Zimbabwean, 3rd April 2006
The Gun or the Ballot Box? Hamas or Al Qaeda?
CounterPunch, 1st/2nd April 2006
Tony Blair: Terrorists "Play Our Own Media With A Shrewdness" Pols Would Envy
NewsBusters, 31st March 2006
How will the ventriloquist's dummy of History judge Blair's foreign policy?
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian, 30th March 2006
Blair's speech on Islamic extremism and Britain's real responsibility
The New Anatolian, 30th March 2006
Americans, Europeans congratulate Olmert, call for progress
Israel Insider, 30th March 2006
Making terrorism a scapegoat
PakTribune (Pakistan), 29th March 2006
Active diplomacy for a changing world
The Guardian, 28th March 2006
Mr Blair is now, at best, a politician in remission
The Sunday Telegraph, 26th March 2006
Life at All Sins by the man from All Souls
The Independent on Sunday, 26th March 2006
As a matter of fact, sir, I do question your patriotism!
Pat Boone, WorldNetDaily, 25th March 2006
Blair's flawed defence of foreign activism
Financial Times, 25th March 2006
Fascist Flower: The Language of Mars
Peace, Earth & Justice News, 24th March 2006
Britain: Blair sets out ideological justification for new wars of aggression
World Socialist Web Site, 24th March 2006
Bush joins Blair in defence of war and says troops may stay for years
The Independent, Thursday, 23rd March 2006
The War At Home
openDemocracy, 23rd March 2006
Fury Over Prime Minister's 'Bigot' Comments
UTV (Ireland), Thursday, 23rd March 2006
Bush leaves future of Iraq 'in hands of his successors'
Irish Independent, Wednesday, 22nd March 2006 (requires registration)
Tony Blair's speech to the Foreign Policy centre
The Guardian, Tuesday 21st March 2006
Blair defends interventionism
World Peace Herald, Tuesday 21st March 2006
Blair: Global intervention is vital, Tuesday 21st March 2006
MoD ministers reject calls to discuss Trident replacement
The Guardian, Wednesday, 15th March 2006
Decision time on future of UK's nuclear armoury
The Scotsman, 15th March 2006
Our Nuclear Deterrent May Be Too Costly, Says Ex-Official
Western Mail (Cardiff), 15th March 2006
MPs review UK's nuclear weapons
BBC News, Tuesday, 14th March 2006
MPs to probe Trident replacement
Journal of Turkish Weekly, Tuesday, 14th March 2006
Focus: Britain's secret nuclear blueprint
The Sunday Times, Sunday, 12th March 2006
Revealed: UK develops secret nuclear warhead
The Sunday Times, Sunday, 12th March 2006
Iran's media battleground
The Guardian, Tuesday, 21st February 2006
Russia's Hamas Gambit
Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday, 21st February 2006
The British Government's Global Fake News Network, 17th February 2006
The propaganda we pass off as news around the world
Wednesday, 15th February 2006
Pakistan: No forceful closing of relief camps - Gen. Farooq
ReliefWeb, 13th February 2006
UK's Straw to underscore democracy in Nigeria
Reuters, 13th February 2006
Russia rates low on 'G8 scorecard'
UPI, 31st January 2006
Xinjiang and the revival of the Silk Road
Asia Times, 26th January 2006
New service to help victims of violent crime in EU
Cheap Flights News, 9th January 2006
Turning to the Foreign Office for travel advice
Cheap Flights News, 4th January 2006
Blair: Britain will pay more for enlarged EU
The Guardian, 1st December 2005
Peace Journalism: A Must For Iraq, 1st December 2005
PM focuses on trade in new global initiative
The Independent, 14 November 2005
PM urged to pressure China over abuses
The Scotsman, 9 November 2005
The BBC should be starting an African TV service, not taking on Al Jazeera writes Philip Fiske de Gouveia
Media Guardian, 4 November 2005 (requires free registration)
China's Hu to tell Europe arms ban should go
Reuters, 4 November 2005
Dan Plesch: Britain's independent deterrent is purely a political myth
The Independent, 31 October 2005
Waiting for Europe, Wanting America
Richard Gowan, The Globalist, 24 October 2005
Blair and Brown agree on this: Europe isn't working
The Guardian, 24 October 2005
Johnson sets out his stall on trade
Epolitix, 20 October 2005
Ministers may call in the green police
The Scotsman, 17 October 2005
Britain might get "energy cops"
Sunday Post, 16 October 2005
Defence of human rights must be our main foreign policy principle
The Independent, 14 October 2005
Nuclear option is not the answer to energy crisis
The Scotsman, 8 October 2005 (requires subscription)
Ex-minister says 'nuclear or bust' talk is dangerous
The Scotsman, 8 October 2005
EU-funded TV channel would preach to Arab world
European Voice (requires registration), 6 October 2005
We must not turn our back on our best Muslim ally
The Observer, 2 October 2005
Europe 'faces disaster' if it spurns Turkey
Sunday Telegraph, 2 October 2005
Empire without foundations
The Guardian, 28 September 2005
Tehran not ambitious in nuclear field
IRNA, 27 September 2005
Cook's final fight: the case for Europe
The Observer, 25 September 2005
Put that light out! Now Prescott plans to send in the 'energy police' to make us go green
Sunday Telegraph, 18 September 2005
Twice I have backed Schroeder, but no more
Sunday Telegraph, 11 September 2005
Clarke 'to stand on anti-war platform'
The Guardian, 30 August 2005
Cameron woos Tory right with call to curb ethnic language
Daily Telegraph, 25 August 2005
Cameron schools answer to terror threat
The Guardian, 25 August 2005
Tory leadership hopeful sets out security agenda
The Times, 25 August 2005
Kasyanov Criticizes Putin Policies as False
Moscow Times, 23 August 2005
Let's not moralise over China
New Statesman, 18 August 2005
Africa needs an Al-Jazeera
Foreign Policy, June 2005
Counter-terrorism and human rights - is the EU on the right course?
European Voice, 30 June 2005
Which leader has right vision for Europe?
The Scotsman, 17 June 2005
Testing the Transatlantic Alliance: EU China Arms Ban
The Globalist, 16 June, 2005
Think tank calls for African Al-Jazeera
The Guardian, 31 May 2005
Uzbekistan: Unrest Likely to Resurface, Experts Say
Inter Press Service News Agency, 16 May 2005
Lifting of textiles quotas has fuelled protectionist backlash
Financial Times, 27 April 2005
Democratic deficit powers street protests
The Guardian, 27 April 2005
Eurosceptics may soon bless the French left
The Guardian, 20 April 2005
EU to dominate post election foreign agenda
Reuters UK, 14 April 2005
Paving the Way
The Telegraph Online 23 March 2005
Oxfam calls for EU subsidy reform
BBC Online March 23 2005
Rich Land owners scoop up crock of gold from EU
The Guardian March 23 2005
Chancellor's visit may yet prove a diplomatic move
The Financial Times Online 21 February 2005
Condaleeza Rice arrives in Europe singing a happy song. Will anyone sing along?
Time Magazine, 6 February 2005
Finance Minister raps West over globalisation, 4 February 2005
PM moved to tears by tsunami disaster
The Guardian, 11 January 2004
West urged to drop textile tariffs for tsunami countries
The Observer, 9 January 2004
Putin, Yukos and Russia
The Globalist, 1 December 2004
Gloom dominant mood on eve of election year
The Observer, 28 November 2004
Mandelson wades into trade radicals
The Guardian, 23 November 2004
Blair seeks dividends for U.S. alliance
NBC News, 11 November 2004
Axis of failure
The Guardian, 3 November 2004
Labour goes to the shrink
The Times, 3 November 2004
Kerry Would Win Europe's Iraq Support, Officials, Scholars Say
Bloomberg, 2 November 2004
European puzzle
Prospect, November 2004
Keeping an eye on the competition
The Observer, 31 October 2004
Nuclear strike 'key terror risk'
BBC News, 27 October 2004
Defusing Europe's demographic 'time bomb' to remain competitive
Radio Prague, 21 October 2004
Blair seen as liability in referendum on EU
The Times, 16 October 2004
Empire's mockery
Open Democracy, 12 October 2004
"The image of Europe" Exhibition
Art Daily , 3 October 2004
Too Much Consensus
Foreign Policy, September/October 2004
An Open Letter to the Heads of State and Government of the European Union and NATO
The Moscow Times, 30 September 2004
Redwood's plea for Labour help
BBC News, 30 September 2004
Vietnam-Iraq parallels play into public opinion
The Tufts Daily, 29 September 2004
Britain's Big Tent
Newsweek, 27 September 2004
New mindset at work in India
The Hindu, 20 September 2004
Europe: the barcode
The Guardian, 15 September 2004
The east is ready
The Guardian, 11 September 2004
Blair's Iraq venture could jeopardise winning EU vote
The Gulf News, 7 September 2004
Les Britanniques pourraient dire "oui" à l'Europe, mais sans Tony Blair…
Le Monde, 7 September 2004
Constitution: Tony Blair «doit» rester à l'écart
L'Economiste, 7 September 2004
Blair should stay out of Britain's EU referendum campaign: poll
Channel News Asia, 6 September 2004
Blair Should Stay Out
Iran Daily, 6 September 2004
Think Tank to Blair: Stay Away from EU Constitution
Deutsche Welle, 6 September 2004
Patten 'should lead' EU referendum campaign
EPolitix News Article, 6 September 2004
Blair urged to stay away from Constitution campaign
EU Observer, 6 September 2004
Blair's bad news
The Times, 6 September 2004
Blair 'is obstacle to Euro vote'
BBC News, 6 September 2004
Blair urged to be low key on Europe
The Guardian, 6 September 2004
Blair may be obstacle to constitution
Washington Times (from United Press International), 5 September 2004
How China keeps defying the doomsayers
The Hindu Business Line, 27 August 2004
Russia's Newly Found "Soft Power"
The Globalist, 26 August 2004
Darfur: Here's how to stop the killing
Toronto Globe and Mail, July 30 2004
War in Iraq 'preventing efforts to stop Sudan genocide'
The Independent, 28 July 2004
A very American tour of duty
The Guardian, 24 July 2004
Early Transfer Welcomed, but Only as a 'First Step'
Washington Post, 29 June 2004
European Idol
Newsweek, 28 June 2004
China, Britain push for stronger relations
China Daily, 10 May 2004
The Great Mall of China
Will Hutton, The Observer, 9 May 2004
The China and Globalisation Programme
Joshua Ramo in the FT, 8 May 2004
Europe and the Greater Middle East Initiative
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Arab Reform Bulletin, April 2004, Volume 2, Issue 4
Can there be a new compact between dipomats and aid agencies?
Bond News Letter April 2004
UK "must revive ethical foreign policy"
BBC Online Thursday 22 April 2004
Warning Over Foreign Policy
The Guardian, Thursday 22 April 2004
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