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Voices from Iran

Alex Bigham

September 2006 Hard copy: £2.95, plus £1 p+p.

Download Voices from Iran (1.35 megabyte PDF)

Based on a series of interviews with civil society actors in Iran, this publication seeks to showcase the spectrum of opinion amongst Iranians on the direction their country is taking.

'Voices from Iran' follows on from a previous FPC report, 'Understanding Ira'n, where we attempted to map out the political structure in Iran and outline the FPC's belief that there needs to be a negotiated solution to the nuclear crisis, and that the failure to engage successfully with Iran is due to a failure to understand the government and its political structures.

With Iran having presented its response to the EU-3 package of incentives on the 22nd August, and a UN Security Council Resolution expired at end of this month, Iran is at the top of the international community's agenda. This new report argues that human rights, democracy and civil liberties in Iran must not be sidelined during the discussions on Iran's nuclear ambitions.