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New visions for Europe: The millennium pledge

[Cover of New visions for Europe: The millennium pledge]

The Foreign Policy Centre

November 1999

Europe is more integrated and successful than it has ever been, but many of its citizens know very little about it and feel disconnected from its institutions. To feed into the debate about reconnecting the EU with its citizens, The Foreign Policy Centre has produced this Millennium Pledge, which it urges Heads of Government to sign. The pledge to the peoples of Europe is intended to tackle misconceptions about the EU, set out a bold vision for EU reform and action in the next century, define an agenda for the European Commission, and rebuild trust by pledging and timetabling concrete policies that will improve our everyday lives. The Millennium Pledge will be launched at a major conference on November 24th. Read the full text of the Millennium Pledge in Hot News.

This project was supported by Clifford Chance

The Five Year Pledge

1. Strength in numbers

2. Diversity and Innovation

3. The Good Life

4. Democracy and Choice