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Retreating Rights: Examining the pressure on human rights in Tajikistan

Part of the ‘Retreating Rights’ publication series.

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Retreating Rights: Examining the pressure on human rights in Kyrgyzstan

Part of the ‘Retreating Rights’ publication series.


Partnerships for the future of UK Foreign Policy

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Shrinking space for civil society

Across the world independent civil society is coming under growing pressure from governments made uncomfortable by their work.

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Don’t SLAPP the messenger

Don’t SLAPP the messenger: Why abusive legal threats and actions against journalists must be stopped Journalists are public watchdogs: by bringing information that is in the public interest to light, they help to hold power to account. But what if powerful or wealthy people wanted to keep their wrongdoings a secret? Abusive legal threats and actions, known as strategic lawsuits against public participation – or SLAPPs, are increasingly being used ...

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Annelie Östlund, financial journalist

Herman Grech, Editor in Chief of Times of Malta

Justin Borg Barthet, Senior Lecturer at University of Aberdeen

Chair: Bill Browder, Head of Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign

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June 22, 2021
4:30pm-5:30pm (BST)

The event will take place on Zoom.

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Retreating Rights – Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz translation

Форэйн Полиси Борборунун “Күчү жоголуп бараткан укуктар: Кыргызстанда адам укуктарына жасалган басымды изилдөө” аттуу басылмасында камтылган маанилүү корутундулардын кээ бирилери бул кыргыз тилдүү баяндамада бириктирилип, берилген.    Кыргыз тилинде сунушталган…

Article by Adam Hug

The broken promises of development in Tajikistan

Khujand, Tajikistan In 2015, a Chinese construction firm, Pekin (Beijing), embarked on an ambitious plan to build a so-called ‘Chinatown’ in Khujand City, Tajikistan. With 15 high-rise buildings, meant to…

Article by Shoira Olimova
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