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The view from Riyadh

Most analysis of the Saudi-Iranian rivalry seems to miss the fundamental points that underline the tension.[1] Iran is trying to save itself from either foreign intervention or domestic unrest[2] while…

Article by Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed

The Yemen war: a proxy sectarian war?

The diffusion of protests against authoritarian regimes across the Arab world in 2011 reinvigorated Yemen’s marginalized social movements and united different geographical and political factions in Yemen, such as the…

Article by Dr May Darwich

Conclusion and recommendations

Understanding the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran goes some way in understanding the uncertainty and instability that plays out across the contemporary Middle East. There is little doubt that…

Article by Dr Simon Mabon

When the dust settles in Gaza

Central to improving the situation in Gaza and across Palestine is the need for an agreement that enables Fatah and Hamas to find a working relationship. For while undoubtedly Hamas…

Article by Adam Hug and Stephen Twigg

Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Struggle to Shape the Middle East

The fractious rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran and its impact on the Middle East.


Closing the Door: the challenge facing activists from the former Soviet Union seeking asylum or refuge

The challenge facing activists from the former Soviet Union seeking asylum or refuge.


The information battle: How governments in the former Soviet Union promote their agendas & attack their opponents abroad

How governments of former Soviet Union (FSU) shape international narratives & challenge opponents.


Tackling the world water crisis: Reshaping the future of foreign policy

The report aims to stimulate discussion on the centrality of water on today's foreign policy…


Geopolitics beyond Washington? Africa’s alternative security and development partnerships’

The US Government launched Africa Command (AFRICOM) on 1 October 2008. But how relevant is…


The Iraq Commission Report

The Foreign Policy Centre, in conjunction with Channel 4, set up an independent, cross-party Commission…


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