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Turkey- No laughing Matter

Zaytung is the Turkish version of the satirical fake news site, The Onion. Mimicking the increasingly sensational writing style of Turkish conventional print media, it produces spoof news and comments…

Article by Firdevs Robinson

No shelter: the harassment of activists abroad by intelligence services from the former Soviet Union

Examining experiences of exiled activists unable to escape their country’s security services.


Iran Human Rights Review: Women and Human Rights

This latest IHRR issue focuses on women and their on-going struggle to access human rights…


Iran Human Rights Review: Economy

This IHRR issue focuses on the relationship between Iran’s human rights record and its economy.


Sharing worst practice: How countries and institutions in the former Soviet Union help create legal tools of repression

Looking at ways in which authoritarian regimes learn from each other & collaborate in repression.


Institutionally blind? International organisations and human rights abuses in the former Soviet Union

Examining if major international institutions are meeting their human rights commitments in the FSU.


Traditional religion and political power: Examining the role of the church in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova

Examining the political and social role of the church in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova.


Iran Human Rights Review: Justice

This IHRR looks at injustice in the Iranian judicial system and society for citizens and…


Shelter from the storm?

Examines key issues around asylum, extradition & the provision of refuge for activists from the…


Iran Human Rights Review: Violence

This IHRR addresses the issue of violence in Iran and how it is used at…


Iran Human Rights Review: Youth

This month Iranians mark the anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution, which more than a century…


Spotlight on Azerbaijan

Spotlight on Azerbaijan examined the key human rights and governance issues in Azerbaijan.


Single Market, Equal Rights? UK perspectives on EU employment and social law

Single Market, Equal Rights? UK perspectives on EU employment and social law gives a wide-ranging…


Iran Human Rights Review: Access to Information

The Iran Human Rights Review, edited by Nazenin Ansari and Tahirih Danesh, is a new…


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