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Sanctions against Russia: Why and how they work, or should work

The survival of the world’s largest regional security organisation—the 57-member Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)—is under threat from Russian ambitions to upend the existing international order.[1] Whether,…

Article by Vladimir Dubrovskiy and Krassen Stanchev

Religion and Forced Displacement in the Eastern Orthodox World

Examining the relationship between religion and forced displacement in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.


Disputed Territories, Disputed Rights: How to address human rights challenges in Europe’s grey zones

A new publication drawing attention to the human rights situations in Europe's 'grey zones'.


The rise of illiberal civil society in the former Soviet Union?

Charting the rise of illiberal groups in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.


Closing the Door: the challenge facing activists from the former Soviet Union seeking asylum or refuge

The challenge facing activists from the former Soviet Union seeking asylum or refuge.


The information battle: How governments in the former Soviet Union promote their agendas & attack their opponents abroad

How governments of former Soviet Union (FSU) shape international narratives & challenge opponents.


No shelter: the harassment of activists abroad by intelligence services from the former Soviet Union

Examining experiences of exiled activists unable to escape their country’s security services.


Sharing worst practice: How countries and institutions in the former Soviet Union help create legal tools of repression

Looking at ways in which authoritarian regimes learn from each other & collaborate in repression.


Institutionally blind? International organisations and human rights abuses in the former Soviet Union

Examining if major international institutions are meeting their human rights commitments in the FSU.


Traditional religion and political power: Examining the role of the church in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova

Examining the political and social role of the church in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova.


Trouble in the Neighbourhood? The future of the EU’s Eastern Partnership

Examining the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus & Ukraine.


Shelter from the storm?

Examines key issues around asylum, extradition & the provision of refuge for activists from the…


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