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The Foreign Policy Centre’s Programmes are collections of major research themes that the organisation is currently working on through research and events.


Unsafe for Scrutiny

Examining the pressures faced by journalists uncovering financial crime and corruption around the world.


Exporting Repression

Authoritarian governments are increasingly seeking to spread their values beyond their borders and put pressure their opponents abroad. Regimes are learning from each other new ways to restrict the freedoms of their citizens and are ...


The Future of Europe

Europe is facing a number of interlocking challenges that are testing its institutions to the limits. Aging populations, economies struggling to recover from the 2008 economic crisis, mass migration, distrusted institutions and rising strategic and ...


Institutions in crisis

Across the world national and international institutions are under increasing pressure from both citizens, who may no longer feel that they respond to their needs, and political leaders (particularly, but by no means exclusively, from ...

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