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November 25, 2008

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A Revolution Without Rights? Women, Kurds and Baha’is Searching for Equality in Iran

Publication by Tahirih Danesh, Geoffrey Cameron and Barrie Boles

In this Foreign Policy Centre pamphlet, written by Tahirih Danesh, Geoffrey Cameron and Barrie Boles, the authors examine the religious, legal and social obstacles to equality faced by women, Baha’is and Kurds in Iran, comparing the experiences of the groups.

Cameron, Danesh and Boles evaluate the Iranian government’s compliance with its own constitution and look at how Iran’s treatment of women and minorities measures up to the international agreements it has signed. The pamphlet lays out practical steps that British and European policy-makers can take to support the equal treatment of women and minorities with their fellow citizens in Iran. The report features a preface by Lord Malloch Brown, then UK Minister for Human Rights and the UN.(n.b at time of publication Barrie Boles prefered for her contribution to remain anonymous, hence the omission of her name from the pamphlet’s jacket)

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