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Finding Britain’s role in a changing world

Edited by Adam Hug, Dr Abigael Baldoumas, Katy Chakrabortty and Dr Danny Sriskandarajah

The United Kingdom is preparing for its post-Brexit place in the world at a time when the principles of liberal democracy and the rules-based world order are being challenged. In a fast-changing world with new powers rising, old institutions struggling and future challenges emerging, a strong values-based foreign policy is essential.

This calls for bold, collaborative action to advance the values of democracy, human rights, free and fair trade and the international rule of law, while also tackling the entrenched unequal power relations in the current international order, including the UK’s own privileged position.

This joint Foreign Policy Centre and Oxfam essay collection, Finding Britain’s role in a changing world: Building a values-based foreign policy, brings together proposals for how the UK can put values at the heart of its foreign policy in the decades to come. Written by parliamentarians, policy makers, academics and NGO leaders, the essays cover themes including aid, inequality, security, climate change, feminist foreign policy, trade and multilateral institutions. The authors argue for a vision of ‘Global Britain’ that is defined by commitments to human rights, inclusive representation at home and abroad, and making a substantial impact on poverty and inequality.

This essay collection has been edited by Foreign Policy Centre Director Adam Hug, Oxfam GB’s Humanitarian Policy Advisor Dr. Abigael Baldoumas, Oxfam GB’s Head of Advocacy Katy Chakkrabortty and Oxfam GB Chief Executive Dr Danny Sriskandarajah.

It includes contributions from: Rt Hon Baroness Anelay (Chair of the House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee); Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP (Chair of the Defence Select Committee); Rt Hon Lord McConnell (Former First Minister of Scotland); Ruth Bergan (Trade Justice Movement) and Dr Emily Jones (Global Economic Governance Programme); Jonathan Cohen (Conciliation Resources), Dr Teresa Dumasy (Conciliation Resources), and Richard Reeve (Rethinking Security); Caroline Lucas MP (former Green Party Leader); Theo Clarke MP (Member of the International Development Select Committee); Stephen Twigg (former Chair of the International Development Select Committee); Marissa Conway (Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy); and Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner for Wales).

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