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Liberty, equality, property

For most of its history, the left has followed the philosophy of Proudhon, regarding property as theft. Not quite literally, perhaps - the examples of toothbrushes or shoes will convince…

Article by Mark Leonard

Having Faith in Foreign Policy

The Foreign Policy Centre is delighted to launch of the new report, ‘Having Faith in Foreign Policy’. This collection of essays brings together faith leaders and intellectuals to discuss, debate and attempt to answer some ...

Alex Bigham

The pro-European reader

This definitive guide to the case for Europe brings together a unique collection of political, cultural and social arguments for closer European integration and full and whole-hearted British participation in the European Union. Contributions range ...

Dick Leonard, Mark Leonard (ed.)

The future shape of Europe

Europe’s future is being debated as never before. Enlargement, the ‘democratic deficit’, new security challenges and a changing global economy all mean that the EU must reform. This collection provides the definitive guide to the ...

Mark Leonard (ed.)

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