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FPC Briefing: Governing Non-Traditional Security Threats by Transforming States- Trends and Challenges

Article by Dr Shahar Hameiri and Dr Lee Jones

May 14, 2015

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In this new Foreign Policy Centre Briefing, Dr Shahar Hameiri and Dr Lee Jones examine international community responses to ‘non-traditional’ security threats (NTS) – transboundary issues such as pandemic diseases, transnational crime, drug smuggling and people trafficking. They argue that the primary focus of the security response involves attempts to change the behaviour of individual states’ domestic institutions and networking them across borders with their counterparts and international agencies. While this approach is seen as a way of avoiding international political conflict, Hameiri and Jones argue that the outcomes of these apparently technocratic interventions are shaped by domestic political struggles in target states. To attain better outcomes, the international community needs to be more aware of the domestic political impact of their interventions and build supportive coalitions with powerful domestic groups.

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