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The view from Riyadh

Most analysis of the Saudi-Iranian rivalry seems to miss the fundamental points that underline the tension.[1] Iran is trying to save itself from either foreign intervention or domestic unrest[2] while…

Article by Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed

The Yemen war: a proxy sectarian war?

The diffusion of protests against authoritarian regimes across the Arab world in 2011 reinvigorated Yemen’s marginalized social movements and united different geographical and political factions in Yemen, such as the…

Article by Dr May Darwich

Conclusion and recommendations

Understanding the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran goes some way in understanding the uncertainty and instability that plays out across the contemporary Middle East. There is little doubt that…

Article by Dr Simon Mabon

Full and Equal?

First, it is imperative to bridge the planning divide that sees so many Arab majority areas either unrecognized or with obsolete official plans. Ensuring that every community has current and…

Article by Adam Hug

When the dust settles in Gaza

Central to improving the situation in Gaza and across Palestine is the need for an agreement that enables Fatah and Hamas to find a working relationship. For while undoubtedly Hamas…

Article by Adam Hug and Stephen Twigg

Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Struggle to Shape the Middle East

The fractious rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran and its impact on the Middle East.


Iran Human Rights Review: Due Process

This edition of the Iran Human Rights Review focuses on due process in the Iranian…


Iran Human Rights Review: Women and Human Rights

This latest IHRR issue focuses on women and their on-going struggle to access human rights…


Iran Human Rights Review: Economy

This IHRR issue focuses on the relationship between Iran’s human rights record and its economy.


Iran Human Rights Review: United Nations

This IHRR edition focuses on the relationship between Iran and the United Nations.


Iran Human Rights Review: Justice

This IHRR looks at injustice in the Iranian judicial system and society for citizens and…


Iran Human Rights Review: Violence

This IHRR addresses the issue of violence in Iran and how it is used at…


Europe in the World: Can EU foreign policy make an impact?

Examining how Europe is seen internationally and the effectiveness of the External Action Service.


Iran Human Rights Review: Youth

This month Iranians mark the anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution, which more than a century…


Iran Human Rights Review: Access to Information

The Iran Human Rights Review, edited by Nazenin Ansari and Tahirih Danesh, is a new…


Full and Equal Citizens? How to deliver equality for Israel’s Arab community

Full and Equal Citizens? How to deliver equality for Israel’s Arab community is a major…


Iran Human Rights Review: Religion

The inaugural Iran Human Rights Review focuses on religion in relation to human rights in…


Persian (Farsi) translation of ‘From Cradle to Coffin: A Report on Child Executions in Iran’

The full text of 'From Cradle to Coffin: A Report on Child Executions in Iran'…


From Cradle to Coffin: A Report on Child Executions in Iran

‘From Cradle to Coffin: A Report on Child Executions in Iran’ lays out the shocking…


A Revolution Without Rights? Women, Kurds and Bahai’s Searching for Equality in Iran (Executive Summary in Farsi)

This is the Farsi translation of the Executive Summary of the new Foreign Policy Centre…


Turkey in Europe: The economic case for Turkish membership of the European Union

This FPC pamphlet supported by Business for New Europe makes the economic and business case…


The Iraq Commission Report

The Foreign Policy Centre, in conjunction with Channel 4, set up an independent, cross-party Commission…


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