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War in Ukraine: Reflections one year on

The Foreign Policy Centre

February 2023 marks a bleak anniversary, a year since the Russian invasion into Ukraine. With no end in sight for the ongoing war, many are reflecting on the past 12 months both in terms of what it means for Ukraine, as well as the wider implications beyond its borders.

We invited several of FPC’s research fellows, and friends from our wider network, to provide us with their reflections on the war as well as insights into the impact it has had on their areas of focus.

The result is the following series of 11 short articles, which give perspectives on the war from a number of different thematic and regional angles, including: the Ukrainian media’s resilience (Sergiy Tomilenko); the humanitarian response (Andra-Lucia Martinescu); the response by the UK to crackdown on SLAPPs and Russian kleptocracy (Susan Coughtrie); the dismantling of independent civil society and media in Russia (Lana Estemirova); the challenges facing Ukraine’s immediate neighbour Moldova (Iulian Groza); the rethink to Germany’s defence and foreign policy (Ed Turner); the role of the UK and European multilateral organisations (Anna Chernova); the OSCE and the challenges the war places on its role (Stefan Wolff); the impact on foreign policy in Central Asia, particularly Kyrgyzstan (Aijan Sharshenova), the shifting Western perspectives on China and India (Chris Ogden), as well as the reverberations felt in the Middle East (Simon Mabon).

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