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November 18, 2000


The future shape of Europe

Mark Leonard (ed.)

Europe’s future is being debated as never before. Enlargement, the ‘democratic deficit’, new security challenges and a changing global economy all mean that the EU must reform. This collection provides the definitive guide to the new debate about the principles which should guide it.

Contributions to the debate from German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Italian Premier Giuliano Amato, French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine and Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh show that European governments are grappling with the central questions of European reform and legitimacy in a new way.
Leading thinkers including Anthony Giddens, Jan Zielonka, Alison Cottrell, Ben Hall and Mark Leonard look at what a new case for Europe will mean in practice – in economics, Europe’s global role, institutional reform and democratisation.

This project was kindly supported by BSMG Worldwide

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