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Research Programmes

> Rethinking Development

How do low income countries transform into sustainable developmental states, improving the lives and livelihoods of their citzens?

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> Democracy, Governance and Human Rights

Promoting the development of human rights, democratic principles and better governance are at the heart of the Foreign Policy Centre's mission. The FPC believes that these goals need to be given greater weight in international decision making for both moral and long-term strategic reasons. However we understand that the mechanisms used to reach those goals will differ depending on context. The FPC's research aims to support the work of local and diaspora human rights activists and develop clear policy recommendations for how the international community, in particular the UK and EU, should act to support those on the ground in achieving their goals.

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> Europe in the World

The Europe in the World programme sees a reformed and accountable European Union as a critically important multilateral tool to help address key cross-border and global challenges. The programme has three interlinked strands that form the core of its work. Firstly it seeks to explore the UK's dysfunctional relationship with the European Union, looking both at the party politics and at the level of public engagement and understanding of the key issues. Secondly it looks at ways in which the EU can reform its institutions and policies to increase accountability to its citizens and become more effective in its actions. Thirdly the Europe in the World programme explores how the EU can be an influence multiplier for its member states on the international stage. The project has a particular focus on how the EU works with countries to its immediate south and east, through the European Neighbourhood Policy and plans for enlargement, but also looks more broadly at European influence in the world and how effectively the post-Lisbon EU External Action Service is operating.

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> Global Security Challenges

The Global Security Challenges programme takes broad overview of the key security problems facing the international community. Its scope ranges from traditional defence and conflict issues to wider questions of competition for resources, climate change, migration, political and religious extremism.

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> BRICS & Beyond

As Europe and North America struggle to cope with the impact of the financial crisis, newer powers, both within and beyond the G20, are making their presence known on the global stage. The BRICS & Beyond programme not only looks at the development and international impact of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) nations but at a wide range of states from South America to South East Asia that are growing in stature and influence. It examines the extent and consequences of relative Western strategic decline and explores ideas for new international cooperation.

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